Your business deserves the best connections and speeds, but no one wants to overpay for what they don’t need or use. So how do you choose the right business broadband connection?

When decision makers choose a business connection, they understand their company’s current and future needs. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, just like our business broadband packages.  With enTouch Business, broadband services are delivered fiber-to-the-suite with enTouch’s blazing fast network – providing speeds up to 10 Gbps.

What is Metro Ethernet?

Metro Ethernet is perfect for businesses with greater than 10-15 employeesthat need dedicated communication between multiple offices or use a lot of data. An owner with multiple office locations would be ideal for this type of service. It is an especially good solution for businesses that need affordable networking options to keep employees connected with each other and clients.  When IT companies in other cities, and franchises need communication, they use Metro Ethernet.

Our metro Ethernet service offers reliable, guaranteed performance, with data speeds that exceed a Gigabit. We also offer a wide range of bandwidth and configurations to meet any budget and just about any business challenge. Our service is easily scalable, to grow as your business grows.

Our metro Ethernet services include: Dedicated internet access, Ethernet transport services (On-Net) & Ethernet transport services (Off-Net).

  • Dedicated internet provides a dedicated symmetrical internet connection. This means you receive high performance, business-grade internet access for your applications, online content and website.
  • Ethernet transport services (On-Net) is the physical, fiber connection between your location and the enTouch network that is your foundation for lightning-fast internet performance.
  • Ethernet transport services (Off-Net) is the virtual connection between your primary location and other locations outside the enTouch network, anywhere in the city.

What is enTouch Business Internet?

enTouch business internet is suitable for businesses with 10-15 employees at one location with moderate internet usage.  With speeds from 40 Mbps to 1 Gbps, your business can focus on your customers, not your internet speeds.

enTouch technicians walk customers through the set-up during a professional installation. After installation, 24/7 local technical support ensures we’re always there when you need us. Plus, our public/private WiFi keeps your business and guest  networks separate to retain your security.

What is a 1 Gig back up connection?

Don’t let a network outage slow your business down. In the instance of an extended outage, how much business would be lost? Would employees be able to perform their duties? Technology is never fool-proof and sometimes it fails. With our 1 Gig back-up connections, enTouch provides instant switch over connectivity if your primary connection goes down.

With features like 24-hour standby bandwidth, automatic failover, and BGP routing protocol allow you to get to the outside world and customers to get to you. Our exclusive 1 Gbps back-up service ensures your business stays productive during unplanned service interruptions. No more lost revenue or lost customers, just a lot more peace of mind.

Choosing the right business broadband connection can be one of the most, if not the most vital, decisions when thinking about business operations. When making your decision, it is important to consider not only cost, but also, future business needs, network reliability, and customer service.

At enTouch Business, we pride ourselves on being the locally owned, Houston based provider that greets you with a smile and is always there when you need us. Ready to get started? Call 281.225.5502 now for a custom quote.