As a business owner, deciding on the right phone system can be a daunting task. Between PRI lines, SIP trunks, and VoIP, there are so many advantages and disadvantages to consider.

So what is a PRI line? PRI (Primary Rate Interface) is a digital telephone technology used for voice or data transmission. Just one PRI line will allow up to 30 people to talk simultaneously.

Is your business growing?  enTouch can install a telephone system (PBX) that provides a physical connection between your business and our private IP network.  This dedicated connection is perfect for corporate headquarters and large offices.


  • Cost effectiveness – one PRI line can handle the load of 30 separate lines
  • Caller ID – business partners are able to call extensions directly
  • Voice/data connectivity – faxing, video conferencing can be done simultaneously
  • Voice quality is not affected by shared data bandwidth
  • Faster connectivity for making phone calls
  • PRI calls are not exposed to internet security risks due to calls being transmitted over physical infrastructure
  • Does not rely on internet connection


  • Requires dedicated capacity, sometimes resulting in overcapacity for smaller businesses.
  • Upfront cost of onsite equipment
  • International dialing can be more expensive

Every day, PRI lines help businesses increase capacity and manage costs by utilizing existing equipment.  Contact enTouch Business today at 281-225-0593 for a free quote.