You may have noticed lately that your current internet speed just isn’t quite fast enough for your needs. Santa is on the way, we are bringing 1 Gbps internet speeds to everyone on our network. You now can enjoy blazing fast download speeds that will even make Santa’s reindeer take notice and all while staying within an affordable budget.

Business is moving faster than ever and enTouch allows you to stay ahead with the fastest internet available.  Today 1 Gig is helping companies design faster, back up data sooner, and communicate in real time.

1 Gig speeds will make tasks such as using your internet browser, downloading files, video chatting with co-workers, sending emails and any other work related tasks simultaneously a breeze. With our newly updated network you can count on proven performance with fast, reliable internet connectivity for all your sites.

You may be wondering; what can I do with 1 Gig?

  • Download 300 photos in 12 seconds
  • Connect 20+ devices to your internet with no lag
  • Process multiple card transactions faster
  • Video chat with no interruptions
  • Upload time shrinks from minutes to seconds
  • Connect more users in real-time
  • Run cloud-based apps, services, and backups- all at the same time
  • And so much more!

By reaching out to your commercial service representative you can experience all the internet has to offer before the holidays at an affordable price. Call 281.225.0593