Protecting your business is more important than ever. Surprisingly, your hard work is more at risk from your employees than outside shoplifting and burglaries. According to Kessler International, 95% of employees admit to stealing from their employers whether it’s falsifying time records, stealing office supplies, sharing corporate intelligence with competitors, theft of products and services, or employee fraud. Once you are aware of these dangers, you can take steps to protect your business from unexpected losses.

Statistics show that employee theft is a real danger to the success of your business but there are steps you can take to reduce this threat.

  • Hire wisely. Use background checks and references to weed out bad candidates.
  • Create an anti-theft policy and enforce it.
  • Keep high-risk areas of your premise under video surveillance.
  • Use Access Controls to ensure only those who need access to certain areas are able to enter.
  • Get to know your employees. Employees who are happier with their work environment are less likely to steal. But be observant about behavior changes; when there is stress in employees’ personal lives, the likelihood of employee theft rises.



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