How would a dedicated lane for your morning commute feel?  Your commute experience would be defined by your speed and decisions only.  This is what enTouch’s Metro Ethernet does for your business.

enTouch’s Metro Ethernet carves out exclusive bandwidth for only your business.  Think of it as an express lane for your business.

The times when the freeway and internet become congested are always the times when you need them most; with Metro Ethernet, your business has the bandwidth it needs for transactions to continue.

Metro Ethernet provides up to 10 Gbps internet speed, 99.9% availability, a secure connection and is delivered through a fiber connection.  Fiber to the suite is the gold standard internet for any business, allowing you to have shared company bandwidth with a centralized management system.

Now more than ever, businesses need broader bandwidth on a smaller budget so different offices can communicate without disruption.

With Metro Ethernet, you receive efficient and scalable network services with guaranteed reliable performance. enTouch offers a wide range of bandwidth and configurations to meet any budget and business need.

Dedicated Internet Access:

Also known as DIA, it is high performance, business-grade internet access for your applications, online content and website. enTouch’s Metro Ethernet performs at its rated speed day in and day out.

Ethernet Transport Services (On-Net):

The physical, fiber connection between your location and the enTouch network that is your foundation for lightning-fast internet performance.

Ethernet Transport Services (Off-Net):

The virtual connection between your primary location and other locations outside the enTouch network, anywhere in the U.S.

Ultimately, there comes a time when all business face the dilemma of how to grow their business. When you find yourself asking how employees will communicate securely office to office and how it will fit in to your budget, ask yourself; is it time for Metro Ethernet?