If one of the main aspects of your business revolves around customer calls and you haven’t started actively recording the calls, then you are missing out on ways to improve efficiency of agents, enhance customer experience and significantly boost revenues. enTouch Business offers some of the most affordable and customizable call recording software available.

It helps companies deliver better service and improve employee performance and productivity, while managing risk and maintaining compliance. It is also a powerful tool that can resolve customer disputes. Most companies share similar factors when evaluating success: Customer service, risk management, compliance, and operational performance. enTouch Business has the technology that will allow you to improve your bottom line one phone call at a time.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable- Records & plays back all calls
  • Quick Install- Can be installed in less than 30 minutes
  • Easy Quality Monitoring- Offers multi-level, detailed reporting capabilities & ability to create custom coaching agreements based on performance goals
  • Flexible- Records incoming & outgoing wireless, VoIP and traditional voice calls
  • Compliant- Approved for use in PCI & HIPAA complaint Solution
  • Archivable- Store records in multiple formats

Key Features

  • Agent evaluation
  • Fully Archivable
  • 100% Secure Cloud
  • Centralized Management and remote site recording
  • Quality Monitoring
  • And More!

Ready to embrace the advantages of call recording and all of its associated features? Please call 281.225.0593 for more information about how we can assist with your voice/phone needs.