Because additional security features could mean the difference between peace of mind and disaster.

These product enhancements help to fully automate your enTouch security system for additional safety and convenience.

Video Monitoring

Keep your premise secure and prevent inventory from walking away with crystal-clear HD video security cameras that allow you to see what is happening inside and outside your business at all times.

• Remote Access
• Cloud Recording
• Video Event Alerts
• Frame-by-Frame Viewing


Access Controls

Protect your sensitive information. With enTouch Business Access Controls, you can keep track of entrances, exits, and employees, as well as control access to key areas of your business.

• Multi-Door Access Control Solution
• Card Readers
• Programmable Cards


Take your security solution one step further with enTouch Automated Building Controls. Features such as lighting, thermostat, and door lock structured wiring allow business owners more protection and control.

• Light controls help deter break-ins and make your business look open, even when it’s not.
• Thermostat controls – keep employees and customers comfortable and lower energy costs after hours.
• Door lock controls allow you to arm and disarm your system just by locking or unlocking your door.
• Remote access helps you control your business’ security even when you’re off-site.