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Did you know that the average employee spends 109 hours a year commuting and an annual average of $1,500 on gas? Does your work schedule make it challenging to get to your kids’ activities (or do you often miss them altogether)?

Today, more employees than ever are looking to work from home. In addition to saving time and money, top reasons include fewer distractions, better ability to focus, enhanced productivity, better work/home balance and more time with family. Better yet, studies show that working from home can reduce employee stress by as much as 25%.

Employers like it too. Working from home limits absences, increases productivity, increases retention and yields far happier employees.

enTouch offers sophisticated products that make it easy to set up a productive home office.

enTouch Home Office Voice

With our Home Office Voice calling plan, your home phone functions just as your office phone would- if not better!

This integrated phone service includes standard features such as 3-way calling, call hold, call return, distinctive ring, repeat dialing, speed dial and voicemail. But it’s our advanced features that really allow you to get the job done.

Home Office Voice Advanced Features

Call Jump
Seamlessy jump a conversation from your home phone to your cell phone.

Mobile Fusion
Manage your home and cell phone voicemails all in one place with a free smartphone app.

Outlook Integration
Auto sync your Outlook contacts with your phone service and call with one click.

Sim Ring
Important calls to your home phone can ring multiple numbers at once, or in sequence.

Voicemail to Email
View voicemail, email and faxes in one place; forward voicemails as an email.

Use this intuitive software and free smartphone app to easily manage all your advanced features.

High Speed Internet 

enTouch also offers the fastest internet in Houston. With our 1Gbps Go! Service, you can work productively- even with multiple devices simultaneously when your kids are home for the summer!

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